We create the perfect bouquet, with you in mind.

The bridal bouquet is a tradition going back to ancient times. The bride would carry herbs or flowers to mask her own body odor and to ward off evil spirits.

In Victorian times, the “Language of Flowers” was published. Flowers were given meanings and it was popular for lovers to speak with flowers.

Popular flowers used in bouquets were:

  • Stephanotis: happiness in marriage
  • Lily: purity
  • Stock: bonds of affection
  • Peony: happy marriage
  • Tulip: perfect lover
  • Daisy: innocence, loyal love
  • Calla Lily: beauty
  • Ivy: wedded love

Every bride is unique and so every bouquet we create must be also.

As part of the wedding consultation the bride and attendant bouquets are mocked up with flower combinations and suggested styles. It is always helpful to bring photos to the meeting.